About Isaac

My name is Isaac Shaw, I’m a broadcast engineer based out of Nashville, TN. I work primarily in live sports and entertainment as a truck engineer. Currently, I  work full time for Game Creek Video.

 I have done productions for clients including Fox Sports, MLB, NHL Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ABC, NHRA, MTV, POP, NPT, PBS, and many more. 

I have been blessed to work with and for such companies as VER, PRG, TNDV, Game Creek Video, and TBN Network to name a few.  

Before I was an engineer I worked freelance as a graphics operator,  tape operator, video editor, and LED wall tech. 

I have always had a passion for production and have dabbled in most areas of production. If I was not an engineer I would likely be designing and operating media server content.

Some Of My Favorite Show

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